Caste Reservation

Why is there a need of Caste reservation? Hear it from a sociology teacher…So it was any other day in college. The students had taken their seats and were waiting for the socio teacher to come. Today they were going to study caste reservation. The teacher came into the class. The morning greetings were exchanged. Now the class started. The teacher gave each student a number. Some got five, some 50, others 500 and so on. Then the teacher told them to write as many numbers as they could following the number they had. While the students were wondering what was happening they started to do what they were told.

After five minutes the teacher asked all of them to put down their pencils. He looked at all the sheets and then gave a chocolate to the person who had got 500 saying that since he has got to the highest he deserved the prize. The other students said “But this is not fair. If we too had got a high number to start with we too would have reached a higher number.’’

The teacher smiled and said  “This is exactly what I wanted you to realise. We say that ‘all men are born equal’. This is not actually true. People come from different economic backgrounds, different castes. In reality, the rich class has easy access to good education while the others do not. And that is where the caste reservation comes in…

If there is someone there who thinks that once the scheduled caste people become rich there life is easy listen to this. A person from the village came in search of job to Mumbai. After all “Mumbai is a land of opportunities”. He soon became rich through sheer hardwork and determination. After he had enough money to live in comfort for the rest of the days of his life he went back to his native village. To help the villagers he dug a borewell on his land. He was found dead the very next day. And why you may ask? He was killed by the rich “higher caste” land owners because they believed that a low caste has no right to dig borewell on his own land. So even his coming up in life didn’t change the way ‘the pure caste’ saw him. And the sad part is that a person’s caste is decided by birth.So while in Cities you mayn’t notice the caste system it is very much there.

An IT manager has said “the people who come to our companies through caste reservation and get trained remain loyal to the company. The money they earn as the first salary is a huge amount to them. Even a thousand makes them feel they have become rich.” We have something to learn from them don’t we? But Caste Reservation is just one way to gain equality. To gain proper equality more reforms have to be made. For eg. If a person gets a good position through Caste policy his/her son should n’t get benefits of this reservation. Instead the people who haven’t got the benefits should be given a chance.
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  1. first of all i would lke to congratulate sruthi for a good presentation……let all those who raise voice against reservation read this and understand the sufferigs of low caste people who sufferd for centuries,now just for few years of reservation system that too for making people who are downtrodden to come up in life, the so called high caste people couldn tolerate.let them think how painful will it be to suffer discriminatin and not even treated equal to animals.why people are not broad minded?…pls guys of this era understand these and join hands for eradicating castism and this can be possible only by reservation.lets work towards equality.

  2. How do you suggest caste reservation gets adressed? Would it be fair to say it will always form part of a specific culture or country or would it take a long time for people to rectify this problem?

  3. I consider what you say shruti, but I believe that if seats are reserved for the castes then from where will the best talents emerge. I hope you understand that being a student of class IX I am talking about education field. If a student gets more marks, surely one who gets more marks is more talented, and if the talented ones don’t get chance, How shall the country develop. I think no caste reservation in education system

  4. coming from the poor family is not at all related to caste differentiation.
    its not necessary the poor people comes only from the lower caste..
    there are many examples from the ganeral category who r so poor to even complete their education and belongs to farmer family background.
    so my question is that why Government of India d’nt gives any reservation system to such people in Govt Sectors Jobs?????
    can any one give me anss???????
    what is need to give reservation according to caste???
    in our generation there is no casteism exist…rather differences are created by caste based reservation system between friends.
    I’d like to give of my friend (SC)was already working in govt company ..she wanted to juz change the company only for luxury, no financial problem…even better than me..and she got new job by reservation not by merit list..and i was much good ranker of that exam but not selected although i was joblesss….
    is this fair system of Govt???????

  5. this is k vast topic of debate, which shall never probably end..i think that all there malpractices should be removed..
    there shall be only two categories…general caste and other for those are economically very poor…

  6. but i have one worry. what if this makes people hate the lower castes even more? will the caste reservations benefit the lower castes, or make their situation worse? one thing we have to understand is that we cannot discriminate people based on our histories, AND try to improve India, be3cause it will forever remain in the same place it was. the technology may improve, but most people will not. poverty and suffering is still a big problem, even though the middle class and above have the latest i phones and gadgets. i do not see this as developement.

  7. After reading the above i came to know that some are in favor of Caste reservation and some are against. But really reservation is going to made any change. What actually reservation is? Ok if we consider that there are people who born in poor family and whose background are not good then give the reservation on the basi of their poorness not on the basic of their caste.. Today reservation is everywhere but why?
    If you are from poor family, you are not getting well education thats ok because many of the people can’t afford the private institution fees thats alright, then definitively there should be some reservation but why at reservation is necessary at higher level.. For example if a student is getting a seat in IIT then why there is requirement of reservation for the job at IIT. I don’t think that there is any discrimination at IIT in teaching the people of different type.. On what basic any one can decide whether he/she requires reservation or not..

  8. We find faults in both the situations. That is there are people who misusing the reservations both in higher castes and lower castes.
    How many are perfectly producing their economic conditions in perfect manner. A landlord is presenting his economic condition as a small farmer so that he/she can utilize the Govt. sponsored schemes.
    Why cant Govt. find a right way to find who are poor and who are rich.Caste feeling is the main reason for such discrimination. Our ancient people done a mistake by dividing people in to different castes based on their works or whatever which is useless. This division neither made poor people rich nor rich people poor, In every caste only rich people are getting chances but poor remained and remains poor for ever. The difference between olden days and now is: first only poor people belongs to lower castes and rich people to higher castes now we find poor and rich people in all castes. No improvement just caste feeling has raised.

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