Glitz and Glam

Good times ahead


Remember the time when Shilpa Shetty’s love life was in sheer tatters? Post Akshay Kumar, post “Cash”? Then beau Raj Kundra happened, and boy has he managed to swing the flashbulbs in her favour, fresh in the wake of the Londonwalla Big Boss victory. Buzz is that the romantic duo have readied two love nests, one in Mumbai and the other in London where they will stay and bring up their kids. Hoo boy! Mommy Sunanda Shetty reads patris accurately, and a li’l birdie tells me that she had predicted the AK connection would spell nothing but doom for SS. There were better things in store for beti rani. And see na, better things come to those who wait. Even ex-Ms. Kundra has formally absolved Shilpa of marriage breaker charges. Now what about Shamita?


Drama king


Believe it or not, even small-time film stars rake in more than their share amount of attention in NRI-laden lands. Look what happened to Tusshar Kapoor — brother of soap queen Ekta Kapoor. The poor man was trying to shop at the Dubai airport when he was ‘recognised’ by a few local women. Then more people warmed up to the trail. And more. Finally, the man claims, he was mobbed and managed to make his way out of the screaming fans with great difficulty. Just call me the Queen of Sheba.


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