Music “in” your ears

Music has impact on people.  It influences their very lifestyle.  This proves to be very true. I have been listening to the songs of the 60’s for a quite few days.  I noticed that mostly they were either calm or energizing.  In either of the cases, it is noticed that the words remain lucid and clearly audible.  They carry some message too. Some songs reflect the zenith to which Tamil literature had reached then.  Just as the songs were calm, it is noticed that the people of that era also used to be as calm and composed.  

Similarly, the so called “kutthu” songs, considered great “in” thing nowadays, showcase the degrading interest of the people in the language.  It is often composed of those rubbish insane words and vulgar lyrics, which fail to have any meaning. Most of the lyricist them selves are dissatisfied with what they write.  But, they are asked to write lyrics with such words which seldom have any meaning so as to enhance the sale of such “kutthu” songs.  Loss of culture  misconception of westernization and modernization has called in the songs wherein there’s a loud BGM with words of the singer almost sinking in it.  

Such songs are said to cause restlessness and high BP in listeners.  And needless to say that’s exactly what is happening today. On the contrary, in a recent research held in the Harvard,  it was revealed that people who preferred to  listen to those high beat blaring music are the high earning adventurous people! Today it has become very difficult to find good, pleasing music. As known well, music has very good effects on living things.  The same music can cause damage too..

In such a dilemma, I am left to say nothing but that music does affect the way of our living,  and the way we live also affects the music which is produced. My only caution: One must understand that music is a double edged knife.

HARINI SREERENGARAJAN, Std X, Chettinad Vidyashram

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