Fresh take on love


Movie: Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya

Cast: Silambarasan, Trisha


There is always something romantic about a love that is denied the rights to flourish, be it “Titanic” or “500 Days of Summer”, the latter inspiring Gautam Vasudev Menon’s new offering. VTV hews to the staid Indian movie tradition of a love story with a few twists and hoping the audience will not get that déjà vu feeling. It has true chemistry and some beautiful, subtle moments of tenderness as well as some heart-rending moments of disconnectedness between the two that never comes across as heavy-handed. This see-saw method of bouncing to and fro successfully manages to force the viewer in a physically engaging shared experience of Karthick and Jessy’s feelings, which is something the director aspires to elicit from his intended audience.


The boy Karthick, a Hindu mechanical engineering student and an aspiring director meets girl Jessy, Malayalee Christian and a B.Sc. graduate working as a software professional. Karthik falls in love with Jessy but she only wants him to be friends but then changes her mind and there begins a relationship. Religion plays spoilsport. And the ending is not quite what you expect it to be and director Gautam deserves praise for that.The acting by the two leads is wonderful. Silambarasan has been one of my favourite actors and proves yet again why he is one of the most talented actors of his generation. His performance was truly fantastic. He brings out the school boy enthusiasm of *love at first sight’. Trisha’s all over this one, easily one of her top performances to date. She is sassy and suave and will definitely make you love her. The supporting cast is terrific throughout and very fun to watch. Trisha is absolutely wonderful in her portrayal of Jessy and her eccentric personality. Their chemistry is wondrously compelling to watch and their moments together seem wholly convincing and genuine. Ganesh the cameraman who plays himself in the movie dons the comic part and does it with astounded brilliance.

Away from cliches

The film is certainly miles above the formulaic nonsense that too often passes for Kollywood romance these days. It jarringly tries to portray a relationship that is more realistic and less clichéd than most others. Rahman’s BGM is marvellous. Everyone involved does an amazing job to connect the several elements of love into a satisfying and moving conclusion targeted at mature audiences.Bottomline: Clever, lovable, laughable and well written script to keep you engaged. Stellar performances from the lead pair. Don’t miss it. Two thumbs up!



“We mustn’t go in search of Love, love must find us, Crash into us and throw our lives upside down…” says Simbu during the first scenes of the movie. From the moment the stylishly imaginative starting credits roll out, a deep sense of anticipation builds up with the viewer, and you have to give it to Gautam Menon for dishing out such a wonderful movie. Romance drips in every frame and every dialogue. One wonders how he hands out such incredibly cheeky, youthful and romantic moments without a break. Many such conversations between the lead pair are sure to leave the youngsters in a trance. From his side, Silambarasan has acquitted himself perfectly to this role. Elegant looks, sweet words, suave costumes, amazing dexterity in footwork, the actor has it all. This movie is sure to take him up in his career and so is the case for trisha who has been given a solid role for a change and she sure isn’t found wanting.






Usually, the story itself can be said in a few lines. but even an A3 sheet may be insufficient to describe the experience of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. Simbu is a 22 year old Mechanical Engineering Graduate and an aspiring film maker. Trisha is a software employee. What transpires between the two when they meet up and how their lives move onwards forms the rest of the story. Any more revealing will only play spoilsport. Go watch the movie for the rest.


For their parts, director K.S.ravikumar, Uma padmanaban and many others have played out their roles wonderfully well. Trisha is incredibly beautiful throughout the movie and the on screen chemistry between the lead pair is by far, one of the best in recent times.


Technical brilliance


The film stands on four legs, Gautam Vasudev Menon, A.R.Rahman, Simbu and Trisha. All four have contributed immensely. You just cannot say enough of the Oscar man. What an amazing score!!! Again he shows why an artist like him needs to work with no bounds and formulas. Thanks must go to Gautam for using ARR’s genius perfectly. ARR waits, holds back his instruments, bides his time, patiently. You almost sense the temptation from him to burst out and when Simbu and Trisha meet, ARR lets all hell break loose. The sounds he comes up with, OMG!!


The songs all gel into the movie so well. If Hosannah rocks the screen, ‘Omana Penne’, ‘mannippaya’ and ‘Kannukkul kannai’ Scorch it. Anbil Avan is picturised so well that it makes the song twice better than in personal stereo. Arguably the most peppy song of the album, “Aaromale” seems to have been forced into the movie. All other technical aspects are brilliant but one feels the editor(Anthony) could’ve used his scissors more, especially in the second half.


Bottomline: Overall this movie is youthful, fresh, peppy, light and unbelievably romantic. The pace is slow, any more pace though, would’ve spoilt the romance. Enjoy it with patience and a pop corn.

S. Raghavan, Final Year, B.E. ECE, Thangavelu Engineering College


Ever imagined of a romantic film with neither a happy nor a tragic ending? Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya (U/A) has a totally unexpected climax that will make you jump off your seats.

The story isn’t anything new to Indian cinema. Good boy – cute girl - love – girl’s strict father – love – love – and more love. Gautham makes the best possible use of everyone in the crew, from the lead actors to the lyricist, cinematographer, and the art director.

Trisha looks as beautiful as ever in the saris. More than Trisha, Simbu needs a special mention. His complete makeover only wows the audience. Fine and delicate acting by the lead pair makes this film more heartfelt. However, Trisha’s character will puzzle a whole bunch of the people. The scorching on-screen romance might remind some of the audience of their own love stories.

We might see Rahman holding two more Oscars, had this film been from Hollywood. The music only elevates the feel of the film. The unstructured type of music ARR has used is new to Tamil cinema, yet it leaves a solid mark. BGM has broken new grounds in this film. You got to catch the movie to really feel the music.

Cinematography my Manoj is yet another huge positive for the film. Every song makes an impact with Hosanna leaving you begging for more. From Malta to Alappuzha to Tiruvanmiyur, everything looks visually pleasing through his lens. Thamarai adds a few make-you-think-twice-as-hard lines to the songs and she scores as well. Wise and witty dialogues throughout the whole film add to its charm. The first-half moves in a whiz. But the second-half takes its own time to unravel. Gautam continually prepares us for one thing and then surprisingly delivers another.

Bottomline: A delicious movie that reckons to be a hit.


U. Lingeswaran, II Year, CSE, SVCE


Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya— the movie reminded me of Vaaranam aayiram in many places. It may be because of the likeness between the movies in the way the lead characters are depicted, the happy-go-lucky hero, the conscientious-studious and beautiful (of course) heroine, supportive hero’s sister —the unique Gautam Menon’s style.


Though the movie is about the love story of a boy next door- not a hitherto-unheard kinda storyline, the lead characters are knitted and depicted in an awesome way. It was not the typical Simbu in the movie. He has exalted his image to the next step with this movie. And literally i had my jaw dropped whenever i saw Jessie (Trisha). She is pictured like an angel in sari (without a halo though! Lol!!) It is too hard for the audience to take their eyes away from Jessie whenever she is in the frame.


Karthik (Simbu), an Engineering graduate (yeah, as you thought, Mechanical Engineering) who is allured by the cinema field wants to become a movie director. So he tries by all means to become a director. Thus he finds Ganesh (cameraman of the movie ‘Kaaka Kaaka’) who becomes his mentor. This is when the hero meets Jessie and does all those amorous deeds to make her fall in love, and he succeeds too. The first half goes by this way. The picturesque beauty of those pizza countries, in the songs, added glamour to the frame. Gautham Menon has proved once again, his prowess in narrating a love story. Usually in Gautham Menon’s movie the caricatures will go unnoticed. But in this movie it is obvious which you may find while watching it. The fight scene where the hero shows his boxing skills is an utter exaggeration.


Coming over to the second part of the movie, it is a real MESS!! (‘sodhappal’, As we say). The movie segues into a fiasco from a perfect love story. Silly altercations were brought into the picture just for the sake of separating the lovers. The romance that bloomed in the first part just got vanished in the second part. While we were waiting for a climax (of course, with a sheer perplexity- you will perceive the reason while you watch) the movie got ended abruptly! We were literally staring at each other’s face with a what-the-hell-happened kind of expression. The audience lost all their patience with the lengthy dialogues in the last scene (which they claim as ‘climax’).The song after the so called climax exacerbated the situation. And the director hasn’t gone to that extent to show the success of the hero in his career which pesters the audience. The movie was like finding a handkerchief inside a well decorated gift box!!


However! The screenplay is simply atypical to our Tamil cinema lovers. You won’t definitely be disappointed if your genre is romance. We certainly have to thank the director for bringing Ganesh in the movie. He has added his fair share of flavour to the movie.


The fresh combo of ARR-Gautham worked well here. ARR’s musical score is impeccable; awesome. (If i have to say in culinary jargon, it is simply DELECTABLE! Like savouring a Cadbury’s chocolate). The first part is really a gift for the Romance loving Tamil audience, though the second part failed to keep up the expectation!

E. Sundaravathanan, III Year, Aeronautical Engineering, Madras Institute of Technology


Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya is a love story spun around Karthik (Simbu), a Mechanical Engineer aspiring to become a film maker and Jessie (Trisha), a Malayalam Christian girl. With the help of his friend, Karthik works as an assistant director to K.S.Ravikumar. Karthik and his family reside in a rented flat which belongs to Jessie’s father. Her parents are from Kerala and settled in Chennai. Karthik is spellbound and love struck when he sees Jessie for the first time. They meet often and Jessie can’t help liking Karthik. What begins as a sudden friendship paves the way for love. Unable to hold his emotions, Karthik proposes to Jessie and follows her all the way to her hometown, Allepey. Jessie’s parents come to know about this and arrange marriage for her. During the wedding ceremony, Jessie refuses to marry the groom thereby displeasing her parents to a great extent. Karthik and Jessie’s love track goes on smoothly for sometime. When things seem to end in a happy note, both of them break up due to a few reasons. Karthik is deeply depressed and learns that Jessie got married and is living in UK. He writes his own story as a film script. Karthik leaves to UK for the shoot of his film where he meets Jessie and this follows the rest of the plot. Coming to the performances, Trisha and Simbu have given in their best performances. Gautham Menon has penned and directed the film wonderfully. The songs by music maestro A.R.Rahman is rocking and continues to linger in the minds of the audience even after the film. Few numbers like Hosanna and Mannipaya are hit songs of the film. On the whole, Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya is a bewitching love story and ends up being a worthful watch.




After proving his mettle with some unforgettable cop flicks and psycho thrillers Gautham Vasudev Menon seemed all set to make you fall in love..with love. In the end however you have to say that he has managed to do quite the opposite.

Karthik(Simbhu) an aspiring film director, falls head over heals in love with Jessie(Trisha) at first sight. The problem? He is a hindu, she is a conservative malayali christian, She has a job and is settled while he is still at the crossroads of life, trying to find a footing in cinema, having given up his studies already and to top it all she is a year older than him.

Despite having a great recipe for a classic romantic flick Gautham gets it all wrong. For starters this movie is a big time overdose of romance with very few enjoyable moments that you would like to relive over and over again. The initial sequences between the lead pair seem so artificial and contrary to the voiceovers Karthik gives at many points during the film there is no real chemistry between them, at least for most part. It may be safe to blame the writing for this which summed up in one word is, unimaginative.

To top that there is nothing innovative about the script and the meandering screenplay just makes things worse. After a point in time the movie becomes so much of an ordeal and a test of patience that you manage to easily look through some genuinely good moments towards the end.

However to Gautham’s credit no one would have foreseen the twist in the climax. Yes it was practical and had that element of surprise but does he expect the viewer, subjected to almost 3 hours of romance, romance and more listless romance to walk out of the theatre having been swept off his feet? Sorry but we still love fairy tales.(OOPS! Did i give away something here?OMG its a SPOILER!!)

Performances wise Trisha single handedly lifts the film up. Sexy and classy she easily manages to overshadow Simbhu. Cinematography is one big reason why this movie passes muster. Very surprisingly there is very little to write home about AR RAHMAN’s background score but he sort of makes up for it in the songs.

If only this movie had more than just love in it(Some healthy humour for example), if only it had packed in some more interesting events to get rid of the dryness, if only it had not been so long, if only…if only..there are just too many of them.



There are movies that make you cry, movies which make you laugh, and movies which make you think” what in the world is happening”. A film by Gautam Vasudev Menon coupled with A.R Rahman music certainly rakes huge expectations. With the songs a straight hit and cozy and catchy posters, everyone waited with baited breath for this one.

The film kicks off with a small flashback that has the stage set for Jessie’s (Trisha) marriage and Karthik (Simbhu) one among the crowd gathered.

Karthik (a Hindu) is a mechanical engineer whose interest lies in making movies, aspires to become a successful director. One the other hand Jessie (played by Trisha) is a Syrian Christian working as software professional. She comes from a very orthodox and strict family .It is love at first sight for Karthik with Jessie.

Karthik goes head over heels for her and doesn’t miss a chance to have a glimpse of her. Citing this cause, he ends up jumping over his house gate a hundred times (Sign of cupid struck person eh?). And then when karthik proposes, Jessie refuses as her family stands in her way. So its the “lets be just friends” that Jessie and Karthik agree upon. Slowly Jessie succumbs to Karthik and she is torn between her heart and her mind.

Things get a different turn when Jessie’s marriage is fixed with another guy. Who does Jessie marry? Does Karthik emerge a winner forms the crux of the story.

While Gautam menon manages to portray well the complex nature of a woman and her decisions it leaves the audience asking” what does Jessie actually want”?

The film’s pace is slow and lacks soul. Though the chemistry between Trisha and Karthik is applaudable it fails to any good in the end. With central theme as romance films like alaipayuthey, beautifully portrayed the subtle romance between the lead pair without much intimacy, left the audience cry with them and made them crave for their reunion.

Chinmayee’s dubbing doesn’t suit Trisha who has given a fine performance. Due credits to the costume designer, Nalini Sriram,Trisha looks stunning in every frame with her elegant cotton-chiffon sarees. Simbhu on the other hand has escalated with a film of this genre, and looks refreshingly good, dropping his mass-hero image. He performs well as an ardent lover and scores over Trisha especially a few scenes in the end.

Though the film says “A different love story” it isn’t quite though. It’s a let down by Gautam Vasudev Menon who has given us some classic films. Watch it for superb picturisations, AR Rahman’s chirpy songs and Trisha’s sarees which may start a trend.

R. Harshini, III Year, ECE, Jeppiaar Enginnering College



Karthik falls head over heels for Jessy. The short comings and outcome is the rest of the story.



Wow, a subtle love story which you can relate with any of your friends or even yours. Gautam has done it again by re assuring the tamil film industry that he is one of the gem directors in the industry. The picture moves at a constant speed which is very very good for a love story. Simbu and Trisha are the main highlight in the movie. Simbu has executed his role perfectly. Trisha is very beautiful in her attire, her speech and her acting. The other actors have all done their role perfectly and you cannot find any flaws in them. The dialogues are very good and down to earth. Cinematography is so beautiful, it shows the details so clearly and should deserver a special pat on the back. The songs are a very good for the ears and A.R.Rehaman is at his usual rocking best. The rerecording is even better and the Jessy theme is cool and very nice. Editing is perfect and has been snipped at the right place. Gautam has developed a niche for him by making his songs go in a flow. The songs do no deter the speed of the movie at any point.


Verdict: Don’t miss this movie, especially if you are in LOVE.

Comments from my friends:

This movie shows most of the situation which I was in. Love can be this confusing.

Bharani Ganesh S.


An year and half it took for this mechanical engineer(Gautham.V.Menon) who has learnt all of hardwares to venture out such a software like tale with a breezy touch throughout. From this flick, kollywood has made two scintillating discoveries, first being the Hugh Grant inside Simbu and next the Julia Roberts of our tinsel town, gosh.…I meant Thrisha. Although being a belated V-day gift, it nevertheless has not failed to impress upon the youth. Karthik(Simbu), a graduated mechanical engineer ( a leaf out of the director’s life probably) is swept off totally by an unblemished soul Jessy(Thrisha), a Malayali Christian. He, aspiring to be a film maker, is hit by the love storm in the first sight. As to how he tries to win over her along with his cinematographer friend Ganesh, the family wedge, how he accomplishes his goal and what happens to their concreted relationship blankets this romantic saga.

Emotional Adventure

The whole story is a bunch of episodes that take place between both. Director has viciously designed the emotional adventures the pair undergoes, at various circumstances. He has proven his niche in the climax, which offers a never before experience. Especially the scene where Simbu pours out the impact of first in ones life, is arrowed straight into the viewer’s heart. Gautham has also shown no reluctance in laughing at himself by ridiculing his own style in some of the scenes. As usual he has penned the dialogues with a lot of panache.

The New Avatar

Its as if Simbu has suddenly become a pro and has nuanced all skills of acting discarding all his finger-wagging gestures. The subtlety with which he has carried himself should be applauded . This certainly will be a milestone in his career. And Thrisha with a lot of efforts from Nalini Sriram looks simple and sexy cladding relatable costumes. Her oomph factor has been given predominant attention. She portrays the character of a confused lady from a pious catholic family.

Team Work

Manoj Paramahamsa’s lenses have supplied oxygen to the reels by exploring the richness of Malta, Allepey’s backwaters and our Singara Chennai. Rajeevan’s presence is felt while Anthony has used his scissors carefully. All others have done justice to their cameos.

Among all these, Mozart of Madras’s music which is an indispensable catalyst gives aura and life throughout. The way the guitar blurs the tune of Aaromale, makes even your pop corns bounce. Hossanna already being a chartbuster has been choreographed amazingly well. After all it’s A.R.Rahman, need I say more, lucky Gautham. This movie will gracefully sit in the list of all time classic romantic flicks of kollywood.

All in all its nostalgia for those who are in love and a cornerstone for those who wanna love… it… at least twice…!!!!!!




Hosanna!! The most expected and highly awaited movie finally hit the theatres on 26Th Feb,2010(Friday). Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, the movie obviously had to have a different perspective. Well! Yes, it had a true and a practical ending unlike the other movies. Starring Simbu and Trisha as Karthik and Jessy respectively, the movie went on pretty well during it’s first half with Hosanna as it’s first song. The second half was more of dialogues and at a point of time it was difficult to catch up with what they were talking. Rahman deserves a special mention for all his songs. The songs, especially Hosanna, Omana penne and Mannipaya sounded fresh and beautiful.

The story takes off with Karthik(Simbu), a Hindu falling in love with Jessy(Trisha), a Christian, at his first sight. When Karthik proposes to Jessy she turns him down, being afraid of her dad as he(Karthik) is a Hindu and a year younger than her.True! It happens in real life where guys are afraid to fall into a relationship with a person who do not belong to their same caste or religion and the only reason being parents. Well! This story goes on a different pace. Jessy’s parents doubts Jessy and her relationship with Karthik and fixes marriage for her. Jessy, according to a few surveys, being insane stops the marriage at the church. Well! Few people call it guts. She says an yes to karthik after that and the song Mannipaya turns up here, completely out of the place.

You might think that this movie is another love story ending up in marriage. If you have thought so, the film proves you absolutely wrong. One thing what i feel deeply is that the movie portrayed Karthik’s lust for Jessy rather than his love. This was very much evident from the train scene where they come from Kerala to Chennai. And throughout the movie they keep talking about how he(Karthik) is madly in love with her(Jessy) and her trouble to explain why it won’t be possible. The lip lock scenes in Omana penne are completely unnecessary but the movie is actually worth watching for the climax,CG,Gautham’s perspective and of course Rahman’s music.

For all those guys out there,if you have or had proposed to a girl,you have a lot of chances to see yourself on screen. A different perspective of a movie and a rare combination of G.V.Menon,A.R.Rahman,Simbu and Trisha, the movie has it’s name high for it’s music. Well! I doubt that for the story. With a simple Simbu,mind-blowing Trisha,beautiful direction by Menon,mesmerising music by Rahman, this movie is worth watching and a must watch for once.

Bottomline: A strict no for all Simbu fans because you wouldn’t be seeing Simbu the way you saw him previously. But i bet, this is the best Simbu’s film ever. Thanks to G.V.Menon.

Lakshmi Swaminathan, MEASI Academy of Architecture.


Finally we have a film that delivers what it had promised. Gautham Menon’s sixth tamil venture Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya is a poignant love story that unfolds beautifully on screen.


The movie is a collection of happenings in the lives of two people for three years that culminates in a stunning climax. As in most of Gautham’s movies the protagonist Karthik(Silambarasan) is a graduate in mechanical engineering ready to face the world. He is also an aspiring film maker and joins K.S. Ravikumar as his assistant. It is then he meets Jessy(Trisha) and it is love at first sight. He knows there are hurdles as Jessy is a Christian and also a year older to him but goes ahead on the advice of his friend Ganesh. Jessy refuses at first but it is not long before she reciprocates Karthik’s love.


VTV can even be considered as Silambarasan’s debut. Kudos to him for his complete faith in the director. Trisha fits the role perfectly though it must be said that her role lacks a bit of clarity. It is difficult to believe that a girl bold enough to stop her wedding at the church, later submitting to her fate. Ganesh(remember the librarian in Vaaranam Aayiram) as Karthik’s friend and mentor is a treat. His distinct accent and dialogue delivery make even the routine exchanges humorous. The supporting cast including K.S.Ravikumar playing himself have done their part well.

Technical Aspects

Manoj Paramahansa’s camera is soothing to the eye be it Chennai, Kerala or New York. Antony’s editing is devoid of any gimmicks. Rahman’s songs as always are a treat. They dont stick out and are a part of the narrative. This could well be Gautham’s best work to date. The smooches between the lead pair, though aesthetically shot seem unwarranted at a few places. Another welcome relief is that the number of exchanges in english is far lesser compared to Gautham’s earlier movies.


Verdict: All in all VTV is a clean love story devoid of any commercial cliches and it has been a while since such a movie hit the screeens.

Bharath Vijayakumar, MBA Aspirant and Wannabe Movie critic


Lovers of love! To your attention. Your valentine’s day gift from tamil cinema has arrived behind schedule wrapped with a delightful combination of Rahman,Gautham, Simbu and Trisha. The lead pair’s charming chemistry starts from the banner posted on the theatre compound wall and continues throughout the film beautifully. Sure is the entry of many girls into Simbu’s fan’s list. And trisha, you need to resist the growing admiration of your admirers. A.R’s soul stirring songs(which has been blended well with the sequence of film) and background score reminds us about the luck we have (in plenty)to have him. Ganesh who is also one of the producer has succeeded in raising most of his dialogues into comical status.


Simbu’s accent in speaking English doesn’t suit in few (actually very few) scenes. Second half is quite dawdling which only lovers and romance loving audience can enjoy while promoters of mass entertainers may not resist it throughout. The climax may not be congenial to all. But Gautham has preferred to impress us with the impact of love (which also goes well with reality) rather than the usual happy ending of lovers getting united.


Special kudos to the department of lyrics, art, choreo, camera, dialogue, vocal….wait…let me say it to the entire team. And Gautham, you have presented the best of your romantic thoughts. Pardon me for not disclosing the story. It’s all about love, love and love. For me to explain,it becomes inexplicable and for you understand, it is obscure. But here comes the solution. vinnai thaandi varuvaaya is running in your nearby theatres. It deserves to be watched, to the least, once.


Bottomline: If you hate this film, do visit a psychologist. Your love quotient is very low.


A.B. Karl Marx Siddharthar, B.E, Materials Science and Engineering, Final year, College of Engineering, Guindy


My friend often says that “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. For the first time Gautham Vasudev Menon has come up with a very light and linear script. He has completely depended on the songs and music to take the narration forward. There are not many instances or thrilling sequences that help in moving the timeline It is a very interesting form of film making and a different one too. It needs a daring and stylish director to be able to convey a very intense relationship between lovers in a simple manner. It also requires music from high caliber musicians like the academy award winner-A R Rahman.


The artists have performed well. Simbu in a make over underplays to great extents. Unfortunately since the change in image is a deliberate attempt, even though he looks handsome, he does not appear natural. Trisha plays a role that offers lot of scope to perform and she has shown her prowess. She looks very elegant and carries herself well in her saris, due credit to the costume designer-Nailni Sriram.


The photography throughout the film is excellent. Manoj Paramahamsa is indeed very talented. There is no difference between the frames in the songs and normal sequences. Be it Malta, be it America or be it Alleppey, everything looks beautiful and his camera angles are very intelligent. His contribution to this film is immense. The songs are already chartbusters and they give you a heavenly feel during the film. The background score combines well with the film.


The film is very straight. A young assistant director falls in love with his neighbour. The whole film is about Karthik (Simbu) following Jessie (Trisha) and their relationship. There are 2 aspects when it comes to problems for lovers. One can be problems caused by people around and other can be the rift between the boy and girl. This film focuses on problems between the lead characters created by Jessie, who is not sure about what she wants. Gautham said that he has chronicled the relationship between a pair of lovers almost with a candid camera. Though not completely, I agree to some level. Some of the scenes are unnecessary and their presence does not add much to the script. The other sequences are notable.


The closure to the film is the major highlight and clearly puts Gautham on a different league. A very well narrated climax and one that makes you think. It has a very subtle tone to it and ends up shocking the audience. After the film is over, one has a feeling that the film is not great and at the same time it can not be dismissed by saying-bad film. It is a simple film from a stylish director supported by awesome music.


Bottomline: A film that satisfies you but not thoroughly.



Abhinav Prashant, 1st Year Civil Engineering, SRM University



I am just going to glorify this movie, though this love carries flavor of Varanam Aaiyram. To start with, I didn’t feel that I was watching a movie and I don’t know what I felt, but whatever feeling that was, it is still with me.


The story couldn’t get any simpler, a guy’s love at first sight followed by girl’s rejection as the two families are apples and oranges. So what we have to sit through is to see if they get together. This being the most medievalic of stories, Gautham has managed to squeeze in an experience that would leave us all heart weakened more than titanic did.


Jesse (Trisha) is as pretty as it can get, bounds a spell on karthik (Simbu), the chemistry build up from there on is one of the best. The beginning of this epic love story is poetic in place where Jesse is pulled apart between the do’s and don’ts which is constantly challenged by Karthik’s want’s. This part of the movie sets Vinnai off from the typicality and from there on it doesn’t stop amazing us.


The strength of Vinnai is that it moves on seamlessly and making us fall in love with the two characters along the path. The best part is those long scenes where the two just talk, it couldn’t get more real. This movie has a whole new level of reality going on; I feel karthik’s “jumping in love” moves were made intentionally amateurish to remove that larger than life movie factor. On top of this the development of story through SMS stamps the fact that Vinnai is as real as it gets.


With Rahman’s tunes syncing in with the scenes it was a total goosebumped ride. It’s one of those movies in which the cinema hall has 100% attendance during songs. I couldn’t help feel bad after each song ends. Gautham seem to have tried a trendsetting in song picturization by adding theatrical elements to it.


Trisha totally won my heart when she enacts the fragility of Jesse and the vulnerability in the train scene. Simbu would have pulled out a few drops of tears even out of the most persistent emotion controllers with his expression in the park scene. If I go into the specifics of the Park scene I would be giving out too much so I am just telling that Gautham has found a way to make his biographic love story reach celluloid greatness with his ingenious ending.

Kassim Jamal


This movie is a completely different movie. Creativity flows right from the title till the end card. There is absolutely no heroism in the movie. Trisha’s outfits adds to the “reality” of the film. One major plus of the movie is that the heroin doesn’t dress like she lives in some alien land and still claims to be a normal Chennai office goer. AR Rahman has made us all swing along. this is neither a movie which people go to laugh at nor is it a movie for the hero worshipers, this is one movie that can make each and every one watching it relate to. the movie is all about love and makes all of us fall in love with it. The timing comedy dialogs increases the clapping sound of the crowd. The (camera man) friend character has been carved so well by Gautham. The final film-making shown in the film makes us question if the Karthik character is Gautham himself in real life.

the story is nothing different from the real life of most of the youngsters. The SMS that Karthik (simbhu) and Jessie (Trisha) send each other makes audience feel as though they really co-exist in the planet with all of us. Vinnaithandi Varuvaya is a realistic, feel good, romantic and at the same time a fresh and colourful movie. On the whole sitting in theater was live sitting in the planet of love (Venus). For singles it will be like watching their friends falling for each other. People who are committed will definitely see them and their love on screen.


V. Ganga Bharani, III Year, CSE, Sri Sairam Engineering College


Gautham Vasudev Menon has no enticement for all those conspicuous commercial elements imposed in many movies to pull the audience. All he needs is a potential crew to create that beautiful canvas worth watching. With the aid of the most beautiful, common and complex emotion of mankind, LOVE, he reassures this fact again in his latest venture ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa ‘. VV is just one of those often seen or heard love stories in your vicinity. The only way by

which it is unique is that every part of it is so real that u can easily associate it with you or your friends.

Karthick (Simbu), a mechanical engineer and a wannabe film maker falls in love instantly with Jessy (Trisha), a dainty IT professional and daughter of his landlord. Though he expresses his feelings to her in a surge, she denies him contemplating both conventional (he is a Tamil Hindu while she is a Malayalee Christian) and modern (she is a year older than him) impediments. But eventually love acquires her completely enough to abandon her marriage with a guy

from her own clan. Soon the pair ride high on love only to be confronted by the speculated hurdles one by one and as a final nail in the coffin, Jessie disappears all of a sudden to UK. Having lost her, Karthick starts concentrating on his only other passion, film making. Drawing inspiration from his own love story, he starts his maiden directorial venture and while shooting for the same at UK, he happens to meet Jessy. What happens thereafter with a riveting climax forms the rest of the story.

Simbu as Karthick has lived his role. It’s even refreshing to see this boisterous star in a completely new repertoire. Almost everything about his performance is perfect. Trisha as Jessie is petite and has given fullness to her role. Ganesh as Simbu’s mentor and friend is energetic and takes full responsibility for tickling

your funny bone. Gautham Menon has deftly handled the plot that every meticulous part of it has his name written all over it. The dialogues especially are sparkling at every instance and compensate the deliberate pace of the movie. The rhetorical question, “Despite many girls in the world, why did I fall in love with Jessy?” used at different instances is an adroit example for that. But the director could have handled the initial parts of the second half with more maturity as it tests the patience of the audience owing to its haziness. Still he balances it with a distinct climax in his own trademark style. The implicit comparison between desired and real life followed by an apt conclusion is an absolute masterstroke. Isai Puyal A.R.Rehman’s music is one of the key attractions to the movie and all the seven songs are enchanting albeit Hosanna is more alluring. The background score especially dazzles throughout the movie. Manoj Paramahamsa’s exotic camera work, Antony’s fine editing and Rajeevan’s picturesque art direction enhances the beauty of the movie. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa- special for lovers and more special for the lovelorns!

T. Arulmozhivarman, Final year, Sri Sairam Engineering College


The opening lines of the movie goes like this “Indha Ulagathulla evaluvo ponnunga irukkaanga, naan enn Jesse ya love panen?”(There are so many women in this world, then why did I love Jesse?) Towards the end, a section of audience (including me) at Sreedevi Preview theater were left cringing in their seats wondering”Indha Ulaguthaulla evaluvo padam irukku, naan en indha padathukku ponen? (There are so many films in this world, then why did I go to this movie?).But it will strike an intense chord with anyone who treasures his first love.

Before the screening, Goutham Menon and Udayanidhi Stalin were present and when an avid film buff posed a question to Goutham about VTV , he was dismissed out rightly and asked to watch the movie before coming up with such questions. So, Goutham, here comes mine.1.Do you make it a point to have poignant endings in your movies? 2. How did you come up with such an implausible rationale for the alleged break-up between the lead pair.3.Will you ever stop using voice-overs in your movies? 4.Are you still in the Hangover of Varanam 1000.?

But, you have to give it to this man for showing Simbu at his very best (till date).Because, you need guts to cast an out-and-out commercial hero in a feel-good-but-not-so-engrossing entertainer. Actually, its nice to see simbhu putting an end to his funny-legerdemain and his confrontation with baddies who are twice his height and brawn. He has improved his dialogue-delivery. But the audience will laugh their hearts out when he says “Summersalt”(Somersault) and “Funtastic”(Fantastic).Sans this he is very impressive. His Friend ‘Ganesh’ actually tickles the funny bone here and there. Coming to Trisha, Simbhu says “She is classy, well-bred, stylish and sexy too”. Absolutely True. Their chemistry, biology, whatever you call it sets the screen on fire. (5, 6,7…lip-locks. Sorry, couldn’t keep track of it after a while).The lip-locks are only a fraction of their chemistry. So, it doesn’t matter much.

Coming to the story line, goutham has come out with a breezy and an intense love story that has an instant connection with our hearts , but watch out for the climax (anti-climax for a few).He does deserve credit for giving a movie that is so natural and different at a time when others are treading the path of gangster movies. Karthik (Simbu) an engineering graduate with the aspirations of becoming a director falls in love with Jesse (Trisha) at first sight who happens to live in apartment above his. Like in all Tamil movies, they face opposition from their parents and whether they overcome it or not form the crux of the story.

The new kid on the block Manoj Paramahamsa, DOP(Director of Photography), has done a wonderful job .Be it New York, Malta or Allepey he has shown them all in their natural awe-inspiring beauty. He has given the entire film a serene look. And Nalini Sriram’s costumes are sure to be a rage among the PYT’s. Editor Anthony could have made use of his scissors much more effectively because its too lengthy. And all the supporting actors, be it the lead-pair’s parents, siblings, all have done their job perfectly. The Musical Maestro A.R.Rahman strikes yet again with an amazing re-recording (especially the use of guitar in the first half).Talking about the songs, they are already chartbusters.

So, go catch the movie if you have all the time in this world (The mis-spelling in the title is intentional, had it been named that way and had Jesse accepted Karthik’s proposal earlier ,the film would have ended on a happy note and much before the stipulated 2hr 57 min)or wait for the makers to trim some portions .But its imperative that you watch it for its Music, Cinematography, Simbhu-Trisha Chemistry and Gowtham Menon(not necessarily in that order). But the bottom line is it’s a visual treat.

R. Ajay Srinivasan, IV Year, EEE, Sri Sairam Engineering College


Love, even when retold a hundred times manages to steal our hearts and Vinaithandi Varuvaiya does just that!

VTV revolves around Jessie (Trisha), a Malyali Christian and Karthik (Simbhu), a Hindu who fall in love. As usual, the girl’s father and orthodox family oppose their love. Only the story line is a cliché, the bewitching screenplay ensures that VTV is an altogether different experience.

If the film is so ‘beautiful’ full credit goes to A.R.R as the enchanting songs carry us through the movie even when the film sags a little. Casting is another notable feature in the movie. Silambarasan has definitely given a great performance in the movie and definitely over shines the gorgeous Trisha. It’s unfair to not mention, the costume designer, Nalini Sriram who has given Trisha the ‘subtle yet sexy ‘look. The different screenplay is yet another interesting aspect, which helps the old story move in a different direction. Be it god’s own country, Goa or New York each visual has been beautifully crafted! Gautham Menon has directed the entire movie in a candid way that it is so natural. No spoilers here, but the sensible climax definitely deserves an applause.

VTV might not have over the top performances or a gripping story line. But, it’s a heartfelt musical, definitely worth watching for the emotions!



Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya starts with a stylish titling that assures a lot of technicality to be looked into it. Director Gautam has brought a new hero out of The Little Super Star Simbu, who plays Karthik and has given a stylish look to actor Trisha(complete in saree). A splendid costume design that gives a simple but a stylish, and a smart look to the movie.


Though the love story has a negative ending, the screenplay would really make you enjoy every scene. Moreover, one could look in for all kinds of technical perfection. Anthony’s editing and Manoj Paramahamsa’s ingenious cinematography deserve a great mention in the movie’s success. Oscar winner A.R.Rahman’s music, that had already been topping the charts, has an extra number to be added to the list- the end title song ” Jessie”. Also one could look in for a different approach in the background score.

Director’s knock

Every scene has been perfectly shaped, and the twists in the story are a master stroke from the director. The director must also be appreciated for his soft sense of humour that makes it, look like a night sky on the new year’s eve. He has brought out the talent in every technician (including lightman’s). The film deserves the maximum, and to describe it….what a creativity! What a movie! What! a! movie!!!

Sriram, III Year, EEE, Vel Tech


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