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Codes: decoded

ANNIE JACOB talks about uniformity and sensitising students about grooming while voicing her views on dress codes in colleges.

Debates galore on this subject. The pendulum swings from freedom of expression on the one side to regimental discipline on the other; the topic has been flogged so severely I believe the issue has now gone limp. Yet, […]

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Are you kidding?!

Getting malaria just before my Board exams was a rude shock and not getting into a college I always desired was a ruder shock. But little did I expect that the rudest shock was yet to strike me in the form of the rules of my new college:

Full formals. Shirt, pant, shoes, belt and socks […]

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Hassles of the hemline

Do dress codes in colleges really serve the purpose? And what is their purpose in the first place, debate students and professors. KANKANA BASU

There was a time and an age when the thrust of most educational institutions was entirely on academics and sartorial matters were a side issue, if not a non-issue! Fast forward to […]

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Nothing to be shameful of…

Why is the length of the skirt always considered to be directly proportional to a woman’s morality? SWATI DAFTUAR

When Constable Michael Sanguinetti in Toronto, Canada, said at a University Safety Forum for Crime Prevention that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order to not be victimised,” his remark sparked off the idea of […]

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Spice it up

DRESS CODE What do students make of the dress codes in colleges and how far can they bend it, SHAKTHI MANICKAVASAGAM finds out.

With most colleges set to reopen soon, many students are making last minute purchases to update their wardrobes before the new academic year; but with dress codes having been imposed in most city […]

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Glad to be a girl…

It’s a man’s world, they say. And umpteen times I’ve wished I were a guy – after all, they have absolutely no problems at home – they could come and go whenever they pleased, get longer hours of television and sleep, they didn’t have to answer innumerable questions about their whereabouts when they’re outside, and […]

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Codes for clothes

I’ve finished my Std. XII and even got the result. Now I am waiting for counselling to get an MBBS seat. I am happy with the way things are going. But I am afraid of something else. You see, I have never had a chance to experience the first-day-at-new-school feeling, but I do gather new […]

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One rulebook to rule them all

Ban on cell phones, dress codes … what else are college-goers grumbling about. KRITHVI SHYAM
So there you are, lumbering into college lazily with a group of friends. Suddenly, a faint buzzing noise is heard, and everyone comes to life, digging into pockets and bags. A few seconds later, your favourite professor walks off dropping four […]

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