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Nothing exciting

GADGET REVIEW The New iPad, third in the series, is just an extended version of iPad 2 rather than an upgrade. V. GIRIDHAR

To begin with, this is not iPad 3 but the “New iPad” from Apple. Tim Cook who took over as CEO after Steve Jobs’ death has come up with the new iPad. But […]

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The ‘A’-listers of technology

While Apple has been dominating the tablet market, the new Android OS is likely to give it a run for its money. SRIRAM SRIDHARAN

Tablets are the craze right now. It all started when the Apple iPad came out. Wait, I hear you say; iPad wasn’t the first tablet. IBM had a tablet long before Steve […]

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Gadget Reviews


The original iPad set off a revolution similar to that of the iPhone. It ate into the netbook market like a chow hound and effectively killed it. Then every manufacturer started making one and CES 2011 was filled with tablets from every known technology company. “Year of the copy cats” was how Steve […]

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Future tech

GADGETS 2010 is over and we’ve had quite a time with the iPhone 4 and the Androids. Here are the gadgets to look out for in 2011. KRISHNA MURARI
Apple iPad2

The giant from Cupertino is getting itself ready to launch the second generation iPad, improving on the criticisms faced over the first. iPad is rumoured […]

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