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e-Window shopping

Shopping is no longer confined to the local stores. You can access the world’s market with just a click of a mouse… SHRADDHA NAIR

Today you can buy things like books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, shoes, accessories, bath products, cosmetics, the latest gadgets, the oldest pieces of jewellery, paintings, bags and even your daily groceries online! Online […]

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Oh so stylish!

Men are increasingly going the metrosexual way, and the women are loving it. SATKRIT K. explains the trend.

Since the evolution of mankind there have been two questions that have really never been answered. One, of course, is “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The second, and more relevant to today’s topic, is “What […]

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Ornamental earth

Which woman doesn’t love jewellery? And when it comes to earthy terracotta jewellery, many more hands go up. HARINEE RAVIVARMAN

This humble material, terracotta, that is used to make household utensils can be fashioned delicately to make exquisite jewellery to adorn a woman, be it for a family outing or a fashionable party. Terracotta ornaments like […]

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Splash some colour

TRENDS With the monsoon about to set in, GAURI SHAH gives you some tips on making your regular rainy day fashionable.

The raindrops are exactly like true love in a way; they gust in without warning. But unlike love, we actually do need some notice for that season change. Why? To change the look of our […]

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Ancient travel bug, alive and kicking!

GLOBE TROTTER Packing their bags and heading to new lands is a routine that even our ancestors followed some two million years ago. JANARDHAN ROYE explores the age-old trend…

Right from the time, some two million years ago*, when the earliest of them appeared in the Great Lakes region of Central Africa, Homo sapiens have been […]

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Ban the sun fashionably

FAB FAD Try out the new SPF to keep the rays out. GAURI SHAH

Summer heat has gotten to that point of mayhem; the thermostat is about to explode and take your brains with it?! We have been complaining about the heat non-stop hoping and praying for some respite; but the mercury seems to be in […]

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Sizzle this summer

SEASON’S PICK Give your wardrobe a complete make-over to say hello to this new season! GAURI SHAH

Temperature rising

The nip in the air has suddenly vanished, those stoles have come undone and the leg warmers suddenly feel too tight; summer has arrived! And with it a brand new trend of what we girls love best; summer […]

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Paint the town yellow!

TREND Call it loud, call it whatever but you cannot go wrong with this colour of the season ! GAURI SHAH

With brands all over the world, including our desi ones declaring yellow as the reigning colour this season, the fashion scene seems to have been splashed with this warm hue. Known as an experimental colour […]

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Welcome to the hood

TREND TIP What the hip hop look is all about… KANCHAN AGARWAL

Feel it, wear it: That’s what hip hop is all about. First Bob Marley and reggae got music buffs sport flashy prints as they hummed “Could you be loved”. Today Dr. Dre, LL Cool J, Eminem and other hip hop and rap acts have […]

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Tribal fixation

 TREND TAB Take a step back into the rustic and refreshing tribal world to make the fashion statement-of-the-season. INDU SUNDER

The new emerging trend of the season is to ‘Go Tribal’. Nothing can make a bolder statement or fashion impact on others.Tribal influences are coming in through colours and bold prints. Techniques such as batik and […]

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