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Surviving India

I have heard a lot about Indians living abroad and the culture shock they get upon visiting India after a couple of years. All of a sudden, they feel that anything and everything in India is topsy turvy. I had the opportunity to see and feel the change in perspective about India during the recent […]

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Desi ghee or Swiss cheese?

EXPERIENCE Who stole my accent in the U.S.? GIRISH SESHADRI suggests you stick to one or the other but never ever become the imitation cheese.

The shelf life of experiences is shrinking as fast as that of an electronic device. And so the trials and tribulations of an Indian on “phoren” shores also keep getting obsolete and […]

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Off to the U.S.

SCHOLARSHIP Two students talked their way to the U.S. as recipients of the Indo American Society Young Ambassador Award. RONITA TORCATO

Under a starry sky on a balmy night in Mumbai, Sagar Pandit and Ankiti Bose, two poised and articulate students of Economics from St. Xavier’s College were adjudged winners of the Indo American Society Young […]

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It’s death penalty

A CRITICAL CHOICE …between drugs and death — a reason why if you can’t keep off drugs, you shouldn’t even be thinking of stepping into Singapore. HE ZONGYING ZACK

There are a couple of things that come to mind when you mention Singapore — clean pavements, tall buildings, no chewing gum, and the death penalty. Yes […]

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On the drug trail

INDIA’S ADDICTION Drug trafficking and intake is not going to recede anytime soon in India with so many loopholes in the law and its execution. TANYA THOMAS

California sunshine? Snakebite? If you think that these are just the latest entrants on the hard rock scene, you’re terribly mistaken. It’s actually popular lingo for common drugs at […]

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Curiosity doesn’t help

IN AMERICA Organisations like D.A.R.E that spread awareness among school students in the US help in keeping curious youth away from drugs. SRIMATHI SRIDHAR

In today’s growing society like today’s, drug addiction and abuse is not all that unheard of. A general curiosity to experiment can sometimes lead to a dangerous path of addiction that poses […]

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Only in India!

Eating out or buying stuff may seem to be the same across continents. But’s it’s not. SRIMATHI SRIDHAR

I come to India every summer without fail. You would think that for making such frequent trips every year, I would be used to the nuances and culture of India. I am for the most part, but some […]

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Be prepared

STUDY GUIDE Some of the important things you need to look into before heading out. SRIRAM SRIDHARAN

Studying abroad has long been a statement of privilege and intelligence for an Indian. But, now, with most of the aspirants having direct access to the information superhighway, studying abroad is no longer the mystery it used to be. […]

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Tangential Thoughts

“When are you planning to return back to India for good?”. When I pose this to my cousins in the USA, they all say nonchalantly – “The going’s good, so adha pathi edhuku ippo think pannanum” (why should I think about it now?). Yeah right! This won’t even figure in the […]

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Suicide bombers attack

Three suicide bombers and a roadside bomb struck Shiite pilgrims taking part in a massive religious procession in Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 28 people and wounding 92. The attacks occurred in quick succession as tens of thousands of Shiite worshippers streamed toward a shrine in northern Baghdad for an annual event […]

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